Dr. Daniel and Jeanne Wilhelmus

565 Charlotteville Road 5 Simcoe ON N3Y 4K1 CA


Dr. Daniel Wilhelmus, Chiropractor

Jeanne Wilhelmus, MACP, Registered Psychotherapist, OACCPP


Counselling Hours:
Tuesday:  8am-6pm
Thursday:  8am-6pm
Friday:  12pm-3pm

Chiropractic Hours:
Monday:  7am-11am, 2pm-6pm
Wednesday:  7am-11am, 2pm-6pm
Friday:  7am-11am

Like any life, we've had some ups and downs.  Many of you know the story but it is worthy of listing here.  In 2007, we were involved in a car accident.  The injuries that showed as time went on were significant and I ultimately had to sell my chiropractic business in Simcoe.  I needed almost 2 years to recover from the last hip replacement and was happy to start up business again at my residence in the country, serving friends and family.  Unfortunately, in December of 2014, I slipped and fractured the leg again around the artificial hip.  The outcome was a bleed into the leg that became infected.  In January of 2015, I had my whole leg amputated.

The news might be shocking for some and upsetting for others.  However, the point in telling the story is not one that is attempting to invoke sympathy, but rather give courage to those fighting those battles with any health related challenge.  I received my artificial leg and got back to work.  I am able to practice, golf, be a better dad and husband, and able to do it all with no pain.  My life, despite the curve ball, actually improved and has enabled me to resume caring for people, a calling that I believe God has provided for me.  

Jeanne has been by my side the entire time.  She has seen me through the good and challenging times and has seen her role develop as a counsellor/Mental Health Therapist.  She took the challenge to go back to school for her master's degree in this field and did so with exemplary marks and accolades.  It is with great excitement and anticipation of working together that I welcome her to the practice to help those with challenges of an emotional or mental nature.  

We are in the country, using the location to help provide another component of health care - peacefulness.  Come and see us out here.  Take the 10 minute drive to clear the mind, do some deep breathing, and get prepared to be cared for.  We welcome all those who are looking to be better than they currently are.

How we got here...